Billabong, RV Surfboards, FCS, Gorilla
Date of birth
December 29th 2001
Perfect day
Breakfast /surf/lunch/surf /diner…
Favorite food
French food obviously but not limited to that, a good burger or a Pizza are also in my list
Coolest place you've ever been
I ‘v been in plenty of cool places in Oz, California, Indo, coolest could be in Indo,
Favorite maneuver
Carving, Tail slides & tube
Could live anywhere, where?
Sunny island with uncrowded perfect waves…just looking for it,
Favorite board at the moment
4.11 Rob Vaughan, I have close exchanges with him, he manage very well to translate my comments into perfect boards,
First thing you pack for a trip
my boards, the fins and then the rest are details
Career highlights
1rst Grom Search 2014, 3rd French Championship 2015, and many contests won over last 8 years, still ramping up preparing when it will get serious around 16 years old …(Today my birth date make it a bit more difficult as I am always far younger compare to others, but this will not be anylonger the case around 16),
Years riding
When not riding, I'm
I get prepared for the next session and eventually I go to school J
Who/What inspires you?
Parko no doubt!
Main Shaper
Rob Vaughan at Billabong Surfboards
Last party you have?
My brother's 20th birthday