Billabong, Billabong Surfboards, Dblanc, Astrodeck, Twentynine SurfCo, 29 Hood Surf Club.
    Favorite spot
    Snapper Rocks, Lakey Peak, La crique, Gwendrez.
    Favorite food
    Sushi, Crepes, and french food.
    Perfect day
    I wake up early at home, pick my fresh boards, drive to the spot with friends and photog, surf for 3 hours, come in, check the local Boulangerie or Restaurant, and then surf again all afternoon a different spot that is firing. Come in, get change, come home, pick my girlfriend, have a nice dinner out, grab a beer at the pub with friends watching a live surf contest on tv and then go rest at home in a comfy bed.
    Coolest place you've ever been
    Living person you most admire
    Zidane ahahah I'm joking, I think Slater is a good person to admire but he is bald so I think I'll say Dane Reynolds.
    When not surfing, I'm
    Traveling to discover new places, practicing sports, working, having fun with my friends.
    When I was little I wanted to be
    a pro surfer
    Kind of car
    Ford focus break
    Word or phrase you overuse
    Astrological sign
    Best advice I've received
    Study hard, surf hard, dream big ! from Eric Arakawa when I was 12.
    Date of birth
    Could live anywhere, where?
    Oz or Brittanny.
    Secret obsession
    I'm obsessed with video clips, drawings and music.
    Favorite board at the moment
    Rob Vaughan 5’10
    First thing you pack for a trip
    my board bag
    Favorite maneuver
    Barrels, carves and airs.
    Career highlights
    Pro Junior Win, 4th in The Worlds Championships, Twice French Champion in the younger categories, 3 times 3rd Place in Open.
    Years riding
    When not riding, I'm
    Editing, Drawing on my boards, Practice every kind of sport and watching the forecast
    Who/What inspires you?
    As surfer, Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith.

    Twitter @ianus01