Billabong, Kustom, VonZipper, Sesitec, System 2.0
Favorite spot
This is definitely Turncable in Thannhausen
Major accomplishments
2008 World Champion, 2008 2nd Ukrainian Open, 2009 4th Wake the pool, 2009 5th Monster Triple Crown Tour Stop in Texas
Favorite Move
I love doing some progressive stuff on the wakeskate. Trying to hit rails on another way or just doing something new. I don’t have a real favorite move, I just love to wakeskate
Date of birth
Who’s style influences your surfing?
My brother, Ben Horan and Brian Grubb
What’s your best surfing memory?
In 2008 my Asia trip with my brother and my dad and everytime I go to Orlando.
Home spot
Turncable, Thannhausen
What are you doing when you are not Riding?
Hanging out with my friends, snowboarding, a little bit skating, trampoline jumping, …
Music getting the most play lately on your Ipod?
Patrice, CunninLynguists, Dirty Heads,…
Last movie you played on your computer?
The 2nd Season 24
Last surfing trip?
Last Time you were scared?
When the doctor said my intraarticular ligament is torn. It actually came out that it wasn’t torn
Last time you were stoked?
When my brother won the Red Bull Wake of Fame contest
Last party you had?
This weekend. It was so much fun.
Something to add?
No. Thank you Billabong and my other sponsors for supporting me