Billabong, Vonzipper, Head, Doors
What’s your favorite move?
My favorite move is fuck it.
Date of birth
Place of birth
Greatest achievement
1° Alta quota rail contest,2° vertical tour kicker,3° foppolo rail contest
Music getting the most play lately on your Ipod?
in my ipod must be reggae music
Who's style influences your snowboarding?
i would get somethings by more than one rider only. Now are Kigan Valaica, Halldor Helgason end Jed Anderson that is sawing me: go big or go home
Last movie you played on your computer?
Last Time you were scared?
one month ago trying fs_rodeo 7 when i crashed on my back… not too serious
Last party you have?
yesterday night, is rare that i remember the party's name :)
What are you doing when you are not Riding?
try study something; sk8 and partys for the rest
What's your best memory?
first time in new zealand, when i was fifteen. amazing snowboard in a amazing place
Something to add?
trying to win the world….
Home spot
Prato nevoso