Natural 23.5 wide +18 -15
Billabong. K2 Snowboards. VZ. Ballistyx. TSC
Date of birth
Favorite food
Years snowboarding
Most treasured possession
Not sure im pretty anal with a lot of my stuff.
Could live anywhere, where?
What motto do you live by?
Your only obstacle is doubt, if you believe in what you are doing, you can do anything.
Greatest achievement
Favorite park
Favorite back country spot
Mode of transport
Chevrolet Suburban
Any pets?
Favorite color
Biggest fish you ever caught
Not very big
Who or what gets you amped
Any of My mates
Person you most respect dead or alive
Any of My mates
Is Travis Rice still the best
He is pretty good
Which word phrases do you most overuse
Is having you own website as fun as it seems?
Yeah it is so fun, I always sit around with my mates thinking of what we need to shoot or film for it. Its been such a great year starting and its only going to get better.
What is your favourite travel destination?
What's your dream job?
Hang out with
My mates and my girlfriend.. Thats what i have been doing all season, and even being hurt it has been one of my funnest seasons yet.
What’s a good friend?
A mate that has your back no matter what.
Which brother is the coolest in your family?
You decide, check my facebook profile pic. It's me and the boys.
Got into sledding because
I wanted to chew jerky and wear flannel. Also kind of important to film a video part.
What name are you and Alice going to call your baby if it's a boy, or girl
Would love to tell you but we realized after letting a few people know, that there facial expressions are not always ideal. So we thought we would wait because you cant scrunch your face up at a cute baby
Worst injury so far
Had a few breaks but these ankles have kept me off snow the longest
Best thing about having good style
you don't have to do as much
Bruce Wayne because hes Batman and he doesnt brag about it, and he also has a lambo.
Best young grom coming up out of Oz
To many to mention, it is amazing how many there are but i will say my Melbourne mates Nick Wood and Chris Decampo
Why is Paris Hilton famous
She is good in front of a camera, it is so hard to do.
What is your idea of perfect happiness
Friends, Family, Snow, and the beach... and a shit load of cash.
Who is the best photog to shoot with
Tough Q, there are so many good photographers and they all bring something different to the shoot, this year i shoot a little with K2 staff Photog Mike Yoshida and Saph Pharrel both were a lot of fun
If you could choose what to come back as what would it be
Same again, i love my life.
The deserted island question, what music would you take
Something really loud so the rescue boats could hear it
If you could have dinner with 3 people dead or alive who would they be and why
Alice and my mates i lived with this year.
Describe yourself in one word
Any advice
Send it
The Best (can be anything)