Strandhill, Ireland
Billabong, Vans, Wax On Surfboards
Major accomplishments
Irish National Champion 2010
Place of birth
Sligo, Ireland
Favorite wave
My local break is Strandhill which has insane setups and I live 30 minutes for Bundoran and Easky so I can’t complain.
Favorite move?
Defiantly has to be in the tube!
Who's style influences your surfing?
Anybody who has good flow and speed catches the eye. Nothing better than backhand layback tubes…. Occy style.
What's your best surfing memory?
At the beginning of this winter we were at a sic gig the night before, I remember being in the back of a van the next morning with a bad hangover. We surfed a heaving left slab then to surf my local river mouth as good as it gets for hours. Best barrels of my life. I remember making it ashore and falling to my knees with exhaustion. Smiling for ear to ear.
What are you doing when you are not Surfing?
I play a bit of soccer and try and keep as fit as possible when waves are stink. Sometimes it’s hard to avoid the pub culture over here so sometimes we get on the buzz on!
Music getting the most play lately on your Ipod?
Been putting it on shuffle recently. Perl Jam crank!
Last movie you played on your computer?
Black Swan
Last surfing trip?
I went to New Zealand at the beginning of 2010 for 3 months by myself, really good experience and had some fun waves and met some really good people.
Last Time you were scared?
Im always scared
Last time you were stoked?
We are having an amazing season of waves in Ireland this year so been stoked the last while.
Last party you have?
Was visiting a mate in Scotland recently and things got loose.
Something to add?
Stay clean and surf mean!