First Wave: 1994 Klitmöller
First Board: Made by myself in a city surf shack
First Barrel: Portugal, I was freaking out
First Trip: Denmark, first real trip Newquay England
First Love: Still surfing and my sweety
First Surf Video you saw: Focus
First Magazine: Surfers
Last Wave: A small one at Pipe wasn´t really Pipe
Last Kiss: Today
Last Party: A while ago new years party a few days later
Last Trip: Hawaii
Last thing you broke: Semente 6´0
Last thing that made you cussed out loud? Probably our dog
Last dvd you... Read More



Billabong, Kustom
Favorite spot
Beaches of Hossegor, Isla Caranero
Major accomplishments
2nd place Soulfiles ´07, 2nd place Volcom flatfish ´07
Favorite food
Italian, asian, french
Favorite book
Scar Tissue, Mr Nice
Favorite movies
Sideways,Snatch, Fightclub
Favorite Surfers
Dorian & Irons
Favorite quote?
Make Love not War!
Place you wanna go surf?
Best trip?
Central America, Hawaii
Main Shaper
Rob Vaughn, Wade Tokoro
All time favourite board
Rob Vaughn 6`3 x 18 ¼ x 2 ¼ Roundpin
Who or What inspires you?
My son
Other interests:
Travel, my Fiancee & Son, good food
Music getting the most play lately on your iPod?
Reggae, Natural Black, Sizzla, Fantan Mojah some Hip Hop and Rock