Coming from the far far land of Argentina, I’ve double seasoned for 5 years, been a snowboarder for 10 and madly in love for about 3. Since then, snowboarding is my life and what I live for. Constantly in search of new feelings with the help of creativity, and of course, friends are the final ingredients to make it a blast. Addicted to presses, spins, flying and long pieces of metal. Trying to keep myself strapped as long as possible, trying to push myself harder as long as it’s not horrible. Natural habitat: the parks - hate to admit it but I end up there... Read More



Bariloche, Argentina
Regular and between 58 and 60cm
billabong and sixa headwear
6 months in the Andes and 6 months in the austrian alps
Major accomplishments
2010 2nd Nikita Chikita Swiss Tour - hoch ybrig 1st amateur categoy - Sista Session - penken mayrhofen 3rd Ladylike - kühtai 2009 best over all - Juego de damas - San Martin de los Andes, Arg 1st - Rip Curl Freestyle Pro - Cerro Catedral, Arg 2008 best over all - Juego de damas - San Martin de los Andes, Arg. 1st Spring Session - Cerro Bayo, Arg
Date of birth
Snow Career
snowboard instructor since 2005 and part of Girls That Ride
(girl events)
Favorite mountain
at home - Cerro Catedral
Favorite trick
bs 3 japan and swibles
Other interests
tomar mate and chill with friends (specially the gang las pi), travel with them, party with them, make movies with them, watch movies, web design and viva la pepa!