Jo Dennison is not one to sit around and wait for the world to turn. The multiple Welsh and British Champion lives her life just like she surfs; with effortless power, true style and high energy. In between completing a university degree, traveling to the four corners of the globe chasing waves and competing on the World Qualifying Tour, the positive goofyfooter also coaches surfing, and will play a huge part in guiding the next generation of European surfers to the elite level.

In 2012 she helped the British team at the World ISA Games in Panama, set up camp in... Read More





    Milford Haven Wales
    Billabong, Billabong Surfboards, Pembrokeshire Surf Riders.
    Favorite spot
    Broad Haven (Wales), Lynmouth (England), Los Lobos (Canneries), Killer point (Morocco), Hossegor (France), Snapper Rocks, Lennox head (Australia).
    Date of birth
    Perfect day
    Good Company can make a bad day a good day. Throw in some fun waves and good food it would be a perfect day!
    Favorite food
    Fresh Sea food on a barbeque, Salmon, white fish, prawns, Salad, vegetables
    Coolest place you've ever been
    Byron Bay. The first time I arrived at Byron and walked out to ‘the pass’ and stood at the lookout point it was one of the moments where I got blown away. You can see for miles where the tropical forest meets the bright blue Pacific Ocean. It is streaming with sea life; dolphins jumping out the water. The small town is full of surf culture, live music and art in the streets. There is a vibe in this town that is completely unique and captivating.
    Kind of car
    Any thing that has four wheels and gets me to the waves without breaking down is a king of car in my eyes.
    Living person you most admire
    Rebecca Woods, a professional surfer on the CT for 9 years. She is a fierce competitor, a charger, ripper a pleasure to surf and travel with. One of the most down to earth professional female surfers around and an inspiration to everyone lucky enough to meet her. A true athlete that promotes surfing as a sport.
    When not surfing, I'm
    Having fun, laughing, spending time with family, training, swimming, skating running, traveling, seeing new things, experiencing new challenges.
    Word or phrase you overuse
    ‘bad boy’ such a good phrase, you can use if for almost anything, good wave, new surf board, nice car whatever you want. I didn’t realise how much I said it until I hang out with the Australia girls and they ridicule me for it.
    Could live anywhere, where?
    Australia, that place is so big, beautiful and exciting I could spend my life time going around the whole country.
    Secret obsession
    chocolate muffins fresh from a bakery, the smell is enough, it’s a secrete obsession and my guilty pleasure.
    Astrological sign
    Best advice I've received
    The best surfing advice I ever received was from my first Surf coach ‘you can only do what the wave will let you’
    Favorite board at the moment
    Rob Vaughn is a magical shaper he listens and shapes a board he thinks will suit you best. My favourite model is a squash square 5’9 short board and I use it the most.
    First thing you pack for a trip
    My camera, you make memories on the road and see things you don’t see in your normal life. When I get home I blog about it,
    Favorite maneuver

    Twitter @JoDennisonSurf