• My Mountain: Mount Buller. With Steph Hickey.

Mt Buller is my home mountain in Australia. Located just 3 hours from Melbourne, it's just a short drive between city and snow.

3 Things I love about Mt Buller:

1. The village is built in the centre of the resort, everything is walking distance and ski in ski out!
2. The infamous Kooroora - the one and only pub and dance floor on the hill - everyone has or will have a Kooroora experience at Mt Buller.
3. Summit sunsets - hiking to the summit when the chairlifts are closed, having a BBQ and beverage as you watch the sun goes down then skiing home in the final rays of sunlight...no better way to finish a great day of riding.

Favorite Run:
When there is a fresh dump of snow and the season is on, nothing beats Fannys Finish or Womens Down Hill.

Favorite Resturant:
KOFLERS - You have to snowboard there. It's located at the bottom of the summit and serves the best food on the hill...not to mention they are famous for there chocolate ‚'rip off' cake.

Best place to stay:
A friend with a nice comfy couch is always best but not always available so...
On a budget: YMCA or a university lodge is more affordable or I would recommend chipping in with a group of friends and rent an apartment. It's worth spending a little extra to come home to nice hot shower and open fire with your mates at the end of the day.

Mount Buller (image from snowholidays.com.au)