• Skye Bortoli On Random Acts Of Kindness

OMG - you will never believe what happened to me at school a couple of weeks ago...

I was just sitting down taking in all the  knowledge my 11th grade geo teacher could throw at me, when myself and friends spotted a little camera looking through our glass door. Silly, distracted Skye of course, assumed they were filming for the school and naughtily encouraged her friends to blow faces at it…hehe. A few seconds later the principal walked in and said, "Skye Bortoli, can I please see you in my office" ( can I just say it was in highly effective stern voice). I naturally became a little less comfortable than I had been a few second earlier.

We walked to the front office and he told me to head on in and he would be in there in a second. WELL…. you can  imagine my surprise when I came face to face with a film crew from the amazing Random Acts of Kindness (Channel 9)! I don’t often get nervous but my whole body was shaking as Dr Andrew pulled me under his arm before I had the chance to run away. I wont ruin the show, but it does involve a highly eventful trip the Gold Coast - a lot of my dreams came true on this adventure. It also showed me a different side to  the world - the guys from Random Acts of Kindness really are what the world should be.

Random Acts of Kindness: Sunday 6:30Click to see the episode preview!

I should apologise in advance to everyone who expect to see tears, unfortunately there were none. When I see pictures of whales being slaughtered I don’t cry. Instead, my body fills motivation to do something. My Random Acts of Kindness has only filled me with the urge to pass on this motivation.

The last few months have been the hardest I've ever faced. I blamed myself for not being able to put them aside and move on, Random Acts of Kindness showed me that they only thing I've got to be sorry for is being human. I'm still a kid and i'm very much happy to live for the day. We all go through hard times, but it's people like the RAOK crew that help people to keep sight of the world they want to create.

I want to save the whales, I have ever since i was 11, but now I think I want to save the world as well.

[Billabong note] Skye's Random Acts of Kindness ep goes to air on Channel Nine Sunday July 5 at 6:30pm.
You can show your support for Skye's Anti-whaling cause by purchasing the Billabong Ambassador Tee - $5 from the sale of each tee goes to Skye's charity, Teens Against Whaling.

Mum and I before my surf with Occy