• Billa-Bali 2009: Meet the girls

"Want to have a funny experience? Take four extremely cool and talented Australians, mix with four very talented and amazing Americans, throw in a quirky South African and you have an experience of a lifetime with plenty of laughs (too many laughs for one stomach to handle - you should check out my six pack now...Courtney Conologue has got nothing on it hahaha!)," Dimity Stoyle.

In July this year we sent our top international junior team to surfing mecca, Bali (Indonesia), for a 10 day experience. Meet the girls:

In their own words...

Felicity Palmateer
17 yrs old
Perth, WA AUS
"Balinese culture is very diverse. You really appreciate how beautiful the buildings and the statues are because so much effort has gone into making them. The architecture is very detailed and they use lots of different colours compared to our very reserved colours at home. They use lots of reds and oranges with lots of jagged carvings which are a darker colour usually".
Taylor Pitz