• Lackeys Board Shape

Hawaii is coming and im literally counting down the days until i land on da rock, with continues nth winds and 1 foot swells here at home, preparing for hawaii has been like head-butting a rock, pointless. However there is nothing worse than getting to hawaii with brand new boards, stiff as a dead cat, going nowhere fast, so ive got in early and been working with Nomads Glen Edward's to punch out a few boards so i can break them in before hitting the serious stuff....ive attached a little vid of what goes into making this happen.

Movement magazine just released there (hardcopy) Photo Annual, Rawlins is in there laying rail and flying over ledges like a mad man, i got a nice double run from Kirra shot earlier this year, shot by californian/good mate Todd Glaser. Todd battled hours of swimming to come away with this shot, so well deserved chief.


Phil Gallagher has come out with his second issue of Leboogie, crazy photo features all throughout, Me and Roach got a 6 page article"lackey loves roach" featureing a bunch of images from my video project ive been working on, also Mitch Rawlins gets a thick profile in issue 2 aswell....so check it out.

Landed 2nd this year in Riptides annual peer poll, paul roach taking number no1 spot and well deserved, roach has always been an idol and somone ive looked up to since day one, so coming in 2nd along side him im amped.

Also kids show Totally Wild are doing a feature with myself and Joe Clarke on an up coming program....