• Part 2: Surf spots to ride the year round

Continuing on from part 1 of our worldwide guide to delectable wave locations, we've got surf spots for you to finish out the year...

July & August: Indonesia
Indo has waves galore and its renowned for wave consistency, warm water and tropical conditions. The surf around the Bukit Peninsular starts at Kuta, the gateway to many breaks including Dreamland, Uluwatu and Padang Padang. Further North is Sumatra, home to the Mentawai and Hinako Islands. If you are looking for incredibly clear water and super friendly people, Indo is the spot for you. (P.S it's close enough for a winter escape, as one of our closest neighbours). Some of our girls hit the waves of Indo last year. Check it out here.

NZ surf - photo by Warren Hawke via surfmusic.blogsome.comPhoto by Warren Hawke via surfmusic.blogsome.com

So here's the year at a glance:
January/February - The Galapagos Islands
March - Morocco
April/May - Spain
June - The Maldives
July/August - Indonesia
September - South Africa
October/November - Hawaii
December - New Zealand