• Steph Hickey gives us the deets on Boardercross & the Olympics

1) How did you qualify for the 2010 Winter Olympics? How does it work, who else made it?

STEPH: To qualify for the olympics you have to ranked top 25 in the world, you must have over 200 FIS points (Fis is the governing body behind ski and snowboard world cup & Olympics.) And you must have two top 16  world cup results results in the pre Olympic season.

I made a comeback from a knee injury last January which saw me miss 5 of the qualifying events, which effected my world ranking. I fullfilled all the criteria already back in September with my second top 16th place in the world cup in Argentina, but I still had to fullfill the Top 25 in the World Ranking list. Some good results and a lot of hard work got me back in the rankings. I will be the only girl representing Australia in Boardercross at the Olympics.

2) You have been training for this for a long time, how does it feel to achieve your dream?

STEPH: The last 2 years have been some of the most challenging of my life, both mentally and physically. I've been not only training hard on snow but also spent hours and hours in the gym, getting my body ready for the tough demands of boardercross. It's always exciting to learn just how far you can push your body what you can achieve personally. For me snowboarding has always been my passion and to turn that into my full time job and make it to the Olympics is a pretty exciting feeling.