• Team Photoshoot Behind The Scenes

At 4:00am in the morning at the beautiful and warm Gold Coast, we woke up to have our hair and make-up done before sunrise. I was extremely excited not only to have my photo taken but to hang out with Flick [Felicity Palmateer] and Paige [Hareb].

We spent the day having our photos taken, first at Burleigh beach where we did interviews as well as photos and then we went to the Billabong studio - it was my first time and I absolutely loved it. We cracked jokes and laughed all day long and by the end of it my stomach was sore!!! The highlight of the day was when we got to do the group photo shot, it was fun, exciting and we went a little bit crazy haha.

This photo shoot was different from any other shoot I had done because I had never been to the studio before I thought it was great! The best shoot I have ever been to :)

Stay tuned...photos from the shoot soon to come...

EJ & Floss out the front of the Billabong Burleigh shop