• Ultimate DIY crochet slouch beanie for winter

Winter is here!
It's a cold and snowy day out and you have a few hours to kill...why not try your hand at crochet and create a slouchy beanie with bow for the ultimate adorable and functional winter accessory!

To crochet a super cute beanie for winter there are many different crochet patterns that you can learn/use. I use a single stitch method, which I find the easiest. The basic idea is to start from the top of the beanie (crown of your head) by crocheting multiple stitches into a circular shape. Then the number of stitches is slowly increased each time you crochet around the circle to form the shape of the beanie. Once the crocheted beanie is as wide as you want it (the circumference of your head) keep crocheting down without increasing the width. Continue to crochet in circles around the rim of your beanie until it is the length that you desire - in my case the longer the length the greater the slouch, so keep on stitching ladies!

Beanie collage