• Introducing Nadine Hartinger

Grias eich, Salut, Hola, Ciao and Hello,

This is my first season on the Billabong Girls Team, so I would like to introduce myself...Some basics about me: My name is Nadine, I’m a student, 24 years old and I started wakeboarding three years ago. My first intention concerning wakeboarding was to search for an alternative to snowboarding. Since I’m into  freestyle snowboarding and riding contests as well, i was looking for a training opportunity in the summertime. But I realized that wakeboarding is much more than just a substitute for snowboarding soon, because it’s soooo  much fun and since then I was stoked about it.

By the way, I still study communication studies at the University of Salzburg, but it’s always possible to plan all my courses according to my wakeboards and snowboard activities.

I’m changing my residence every half year to do both, snowboarding in the winter and wakeboarding in the summer. This year I finished my snowboard season by the end of April and went directly into the wakeboard season, so i had to move from Austria to my new home near Regensburg (Germany) for the next 6 month... It’s often a little bit stressfull  to organize everything, but I’m used to it, because I do it every year. Now I’m back in my summer residence for the next months and I’m able to go wakeboarding very often, because I rent an apartment from where it’s just three minutes to walk to the Cable...It’s like a dream come true.

Our cable in Steinberg is super nice and recommended for everyone who looks for an obstacle paradise...The obstacles are brand new, in excellent shape!

If you only want to hang out you can chill out on the lawn and if you prefere to  just swim, there is a separate swimming area. The people at our cable are cool, relaxed and in a good mood. I’m a passionate jibber and that’s why I'm so fond of wakeboarding at the Steinberger Lake together with my girls crew called "cablerocksis".

So that’s me… Some people say I’m a bit crazy but I love this way of life. Right now, you can find me mostly at my home cable Steinberger Lake (near Regensburg) or at Turncable Allgäu. I’m super stoked at the moment to be able to go wakeboarding very often and to ride for Billabong. Hope to meet some of you there or at the upcoming Billabong Stretch Your Summer Tour and we can go for some runs together.

See you at the lake and Girls don’t forget: “Es geht auch ohne Eier” (engl. It works without nuts as well), our Cablerocksis slogan.

Love Nadine

Welcome to my home