• Travel Diary: The Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior in South Oz

Stepping off the plane I felt a little tired but ready for an action packed week of the Fantastic Noodles Pro Junior in South Australia. I pulled out my phone and texted Dimity Stoyle, my travel buddy and asked "have you landed yet?" And within a minute I turned around and saw "Dim sim" and her parents Gale and Ron coming down the elevator.

Excited as we were knowing that the waves were going to be pumping today we had to still pick up our baggage and hire car. It was an hour and a half down to Victor Harbour in the car, but time flew as we listened to Dim's latest music collection. We went straight to Waitpinga, which is a really punchy beach break that picks up heaps of swell. We saw the corduroy lines fanning in towards Victor Harbour and knew that this was going to be an epic session.

chocolate mmm! haha