• Travel Diary: Craze of California

Welcome to my life in Cali, a life that was fast, fun and not a lot of time left for anything else but sleep in between. Being from Perth, the most remote city in the world travelling to somewhere like America for the US Open of Surfing- the biggest event that surfing has to date was a little bit overwhelming at the start but also packed full of adventure and fun. I will share with you a few of what I think are must see and must do attractions in the big smoke of LA.

If you are heading to California around the 1st till the 8th of august you will stumble across the worlds biggest surfing event to date, the US Open of Surfing. My travel buddy as well as partner in crime Dimity Stoyle and I had made our way over to compete in this event. To gain experience and see what the States had to offer. The event is packed full to the top of things to do and see such as surf, skate, BMX, music, art and the ‘walk the walk’ just to name a few. The thing that blew me away the most about this event was the size juxtaposed to anything I had ever seen before at a surfing event. Massive. That is all I can say. No matter how hard I tried to take a photo that would capture the size and atmosphere of this event I was beaten by the gigantic structure and crazy spectators bowling me over 99% of the time. Here is a photo from the event taken by Liselle, which I thought might have done it some of the justice it deserves.

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