• Laura Crane blogging from the Maldives

Billabong blog day 1
Today my journey started to possibly  one of the best surf trips on the planet !
I flew from london with my fellow surf friend Corinne Evans.
after a one hour wait at the air port we were swiftly boarded on to our plane to Dubai we knew we had a 9 hour flight ahead of us so we watched a film then slept
we arrived in Dubai at 12am we waited there for 3 hours which we didnt mind to much about because there was a Hargen Daz  ice cream shop !

Billabong blog day 2
we were now on our last straight and really excited.
it is now 8 am and we have arrived in the maldives as we walked of the plane we were hit with such heat it was so nice .
we waited for a taxi and went to one of the hotel resorts on the island as we weren't getting picked up until the evening.
 we got picked up by the boat crew  at 10pm after an amazing day by the pool relaxing before stepping on board our floating home .
The boat is a fantastic vessel of a colonial style with crew, accommodation,  eating area,fishing off the back and a sun terrace on the top, a smaller boat called a donnie is tugged along side which is used to take us out to the breaks .

Billabong blog day 3
Today we woke up at 7 o’clock ate some really nice breakfast  of fruit,  pancakes,  cereals and toast. we then sorted all our boards and which ones would be best to ride the different breaks.
we were all ready and excited to go surfing. soon we arrived at this amazing left hand reef and were all so excited to just get out there so  boarded little boat and when to the break called (BOAT YARDS) we surfed here for 2 hours and the photographer took water shots.
The water temperature is amazingly warm and at last nice to ditch my wetsuit for two weeks a very happy first surf i must say.
  We then went back and ate some lunch of fish ,pasta rice and vegetables and then went straight back in for another 4 hour surf it was super fun warm water and the sun was shinning !
after dinner me and three of the other girls went fishing it was so fun i caught my first fish ever!! i was so happy !
today has been amazing and i cant wait for tomorrow  =D

Billabong blog day 4
today was a good day we woke up ay 9am and sailed north to surf a pretty well known brake called" cokes " it was a fun right which was on my back hand but had a really good surf .
We then got back on to the boat and we all jumped off for a fun swim was such a laugh!
it was then time for lunch then after a bite to eat we went back out surfing so a different brake it was really good but super busy !
we then came back to the boat and ate some dinner and went  fishing but nobody caught a fish  we all  watched the foot ball which was entertaining!
looks like we are all in for an early start tomorrow =D

Billabong blog day 5
today we woke up at 6 but the weather and surf wasn't  so great so  we had a little sleep  in which we didn't really mind about !
we then had some lunch  and we swam about 2 miles to a ship wreck it was so fun we took loads of under water pictures that looked really cool we also saw loads of fish which was really good.

Billabong blog day 6
today  we  chilled out on the boat for a while and went fishing after that we all went to the island to have a look around it was really pretty after that we came back to the boat and had some dinner and went to bed and hope to get some surf tomorrow.

Billabong blog day 7
today we went  for a surf at the local break  called Chickens it was really fun 3/4 ft and clean, it was so good to have  surf today after yesterday lack of swell but thats the great thing about a boat surf trip you can just sail around to find the perfect waves we then came back to the boat ate some dinner listened to some music played table football.

Billabong blog day 8
today we got woken up really early to beautiful sunshine and surf we had a 2 hour surf in the morning and we then went to the island and took some lifestyle shots for our sponsors some in the lagoon and some with some really colourful walls which was tiring but a great place to do a photo shoot, lets say its my most exotic photo shoot location to date. we then sunbathed for a while and then went in for another surf off the left of the island it was really fun we then went and surfed cokes it was perfect barrels but is was so busy a little tired now after a busy day of surfing and photo shoots ... so happy !
Billabong blog day 9
Today we woke up at 6 am and it was really sunny but the surf had dropped off.
we sailed for about 30 mins to 3 breaks called jails, honkeys and soltens we surfed jails which was a super fun right we then went over to honkeys  which was a left it was quite flat though but still fun.
Then sailed south for about 3 hours while we were on our journey we were all on the roof of the boat sunbathing , paradise  !
We were sailing to a break called Boat yards which was were we surfed on the first day, as we arrived there was a 3 ft and clean wave so we all got in for a few hours. was really cool as now i know what life for the rich and famous must be like on the sun deck of their yatchs!!!
There where  lots of dolphins and flying fish everywhere it s so beautiful here .

Billabong blog day 10
today we woke up and the surf was  not so good at boatyards so we sailed back down to jails and sunbathed on our journey i must say i am getting used to this luxurious  way of getting from break to break!!  we had a late surf at jails and got some cool pictures .
after our surf we all chilled out ate a really nice dinner of fresh fish then went to bed as we were all  tired and wanted to get enough sleep as its our last day tomorrow =,(

Billabong blog day 11
Sadly today is our last day so we all woke up really early to make the most of it. We surfed jailes in the morning for 3 hours it was fun  but a bit to fast for my back hand so i went back to the boat and got a drink as am feeling a little dehydrated today.
 I then went back in the sea with the photographer while the other girls were on the roof sunbathing, this was my best surf of the trip it was 4 ft clean and barrling while i was out there,  Sally Fitsgibbon paddled out and i surfed with her!! she was amazing, not bad for your last surf on a paradise boat surf trip !
I went back to the boat for some more sun cream then all the other girls came in as well and we all had a really fun last surf .
we then went back to the boat finished our packing and got ready to leave we all got on to the little boat to sail to the airport
all the English girls weren't flying home till tomorrow so we have a whole day in the hotel tomorrow with the pool again so i'm gonna make the most of it,
 after all its back to normality tomorrow!!

Billabong blog day 12
to day we spent the day in the hotel then went to the air port flew from Male to colombo to Dubai then finally to England  !
i had an amazing trip and can't wait to go back one day for sure...

Laura (4)