• Bec & Catherine in Hawaii - Part I

Hi Friends,

Bec Ronald here, I just got back from Hawaii a little over a week ago. I was there on the shoot for the Billabong Girls global summer range. It was a very quick 6 day trip, but it was jam-packed with great people, fun and new experiences.

We shot with amazing photographer, Morgan Maassen and American surf beauty, Catherine Clark (check out her profile on Billabong Girls).

Catherine’s exuberant, fun, free and humorous personality made the shoot such a breeze.
Yes, she surfs & competes.
Yes, she sings.
Yes, she is extremely photogenic.
Yes, I cant believe it either, she's only 17.
AND…. yes, she is the epitome of a teen Californian surfer chick.
Pretty much perfect?

Catherine has endless and copious amounts of energy and plenty of moments where she’s hypo busting out her amazing singing abilities and dancing like a maniac (great moves might I add)...and then at sunset, when everyone’s gathered and if you’re lucky, she will bring out her guitar and jam for you.

So when I had some time with her, I had to ask her a few...or many questions so Australia can also have a taste of this wonderful fresh breeze of youth.


*Pictures 100% in the moment & behind the scenes.
Photograph with ukulele by Claudio Kirac, the rest by me, Bec Ronald.

Catherine & Bec