• Estail Queens

What an incredible winter down here in South America! It was absolutely amazing, really good season in a while. Lots of snow, lots of comps and most of all, very good times. One of those amazing times was the girl-event "Estail Queens" that I put together with a close friend. The word "Estail" comes from the "style", but written in spanish so its pronounced the same.

Some clouds, some flakes, and tons of girly style with bright colors gave life to the perfectly shaped park. The course consisted in a flat and very wide box, followed by a flat-down rail, next a long-flat box, and last, an up-flat-down box.
We were really lucky, the weather conditions were the best ones during that week; those little feather flakes were the begging of a week of intense snow falls which blessed us with a meter of crystal fun the next couple of days.

36 girls showed off, wow!. Some of them shared their skilled tricks, others wanted to get new ones and I had the pleaser to introduce a small group to the jibbing world. oh yeah! It was really exciting to see their progression and how they were all over the park at the end of the day. Well, you could actually feel the excitement in the air during the whole time, thats what I love about these days, I enjoy watching their complete excitement, going over and over and over again, a wider view  than when you are part of it.

Really good local riders came, some names like Julieta Albornoz and Maria Houssay; who ride in Europe during our summer, and spanish rider Suray Fernandez. They delighted our eyes with backlips, backside 180´s on and tailslides.
After lunch, the "best trick" took place, and the flat box was the only and main character. It had quite stunning dance moves on it, like stylish frontsides, backside lipslides, nosepress to backside 180´s and the best one went to a super smooth sw 270 in to tailslide 270 out by Mar Ferreira.

Later on, we all gather up for the awards at a restaurant with the magical lake on the background, the girls recovered energy with some snacks and drinks before the happy price giving.

Thank you so much for coming girls, we hope to see you all again next year!!
Now I really look foward to go to the Alps again, only one month left - see you there!


Fotocredit:kaj thostrup - komunidadsnow