• Courtney Conlogue, 2011 WCT Rookie

Courtney’s ability to focus in the mix of a seemingly seamless schedule is as astounding as it seems exhausting.  Her capacity for hardcore physical training and drive is like few others before her.

"I’ll train for 6 hours a day in the water. You only get those 20 minutes to put on a show," she says. "I don't want lack of conditioning to be the thing that hinders me."

This first year on tour, she knows she has a lot to learn but with her mom, as Courtney refers to her, 'my sherpa' and google earth as her guide, Courtney has arrived and is ready to prove herself not only worthy but a World Title contender.

Courtney will be competing on both the WCT & WQS next year, a total of 16 events. Watch as our newest USA rookie surfer tackles her first year on the ASP World Championship Tour.