• Felicity on the Northshore

I feel so at home in Hawaii. Traveling this year has taken it out of me but none the less I have enjoyed every second of it and this year has been the best of my life so far I’ve made so many friends and visited so many different places. Its always nice to know though that coming to come to Hawaii you are here for at least a solid month if not more having the best time with the best people.

Felicity & a coconut

One of the funnier days that we had so far was Thanksgiving. Staying with my fellow Aussies not knowing anything about this so called Thanksgiving Day in Hawaii was an experience in it self. The definition of this Australian Thanksgiving Day was-pies only! Haha. We then later on went to the Billabong house and celebrated it with the fellow Billabongians, which had epic grinds and was a nice way to remember my first thanksgiving. Thanks Billabong for a great Thanksgiving!