• Greetings from Zillertal

Some images from our beloved Zillertal... A valley that has captivated many of us with his magic, felt attracted to it and just can't help coming back every year. Can't tell what makes it so special. You might think: -"how special can it be? every valley is unique"- and I agree but there´s just something about it that makes me feel at home. Once again and after two years, I found myself here again for the season, so happy and grateful for living in this beautiful valley.

I share these pics through the lens of my good friend Ariane Mack who recently visited us for the first time. Despite the lack of snow, her amusement is reflected on her photography and to me it's the best way to express this feeling.

Ariane came together with Tamara all the way from Andorra, for a business trip to ISPO promoting and expanding their little company. With barely no time, they made it to Zillertal for a life-catch up and of course, a little shred together.

Stocked to see them but sad to say goodbye so quickly, they left saying -" we´ll definitely come back, this place is amazing!"- I stay hoping that this comes true in the future; There´s nothing else to ask for, good times with good friends in Zillertal!



All images in the gallery © Ariane Mack (ARG)