• Meet Megan Villa, our girls team manager for Billabong USA.

About a girl…

Each month, meet a very special girl involved with Billabong. Designers, artists, riders…these girls are all so talented, passionate and inspirational, we just thought we’d share with you a little bit of their awesome lives.

Meet Megan Villa, our girls team manager for Billabong USA.


Tell us about your story, how did you get into surfing, how did you become team manager for Billabong?

I grew up in Florida and didn’t really get into surfing until my senior year in high school.  I went to a college in northern Florida pretty much because it was the closest one to the beach.  I moved to Hawaii for a few years after college and there I decided I wanted to be a surf photographer.  After working a ton of random jobs I moved to California to pursue my photography and interned at Surfer Mag for a summer.  I ended up getting a job in men’s marketing at Billabong and about 8 months later moved into the team manager role on the women’s side.  I have been doing this for about 8 1/2 years now.


Tell us about your job…

It is really hard to summarize exactly what I do because I do a lot of different things.  My main job is to market our team riders along with the brand and to help them accomplish their goals.  I work closely with magazines on getting our team riders editorial exposure, I work with photographers to make sure that we have images of our girls to promote them.  I help to organize trips  and travel for my team.  I deal with contracts, pulling product, agents, parents...  I attend several contests throughout the year like the events in Hawaii in the winter, amateur surfing events, Winter X Games... to provide support and help create media opportunities.  The list goes on and on...


How is it like to travel the world with riders?

It is pretty amazing to get to travel with my team riders.  I have had a lot of fun traveling with the girls.  It really makes me feel young again, seeing them on their FB pages, and talking about music and boys.  I feel like I can live vicariously through them. I spend a lot of time e mailing my team, but to get to hang out with them is great because we really get to catch up and discuss things.


What's your favourite thing about your job?

One of the favorite parts of my job is the travel. I have gone to places that I probably would never had gone had it not been for Billabong.  I also would not have met my husband had I not gone to our Billabong WCT in Brazil 5 years ago.  Another favorite part of my job is seeing my team riders grow and excel.  Three major things really stick out to me are:  watching Silvana Lima get a perfect ten on her first wave ever surfed in a WCT event at the Billabong Pro Maui, watching Courtney Conlogue win the US Open in huge surf at her home break (I cried!) and watching this past year’s performance of my snowboarder Jamie Anderson.  As of now she has won every event she has entered this year except Winter X Games where she placed 3rd!  It is so inspiring to see my girls reaching their potential and having watched them grow wand progress through the years.


What's in your suitcase??

In my suitcase I have a ton of Billabong clothing (definitely one of the perks), lots of sunscreen and hat.  My I pod, computer, a good book and last but not least a video camera and my G10 Canon camera which I take with me everywhere!


What is your current Ipod playlist?

I have just made a new playlist with the Tallest Man on Earth, Angus & Julia Stone, Warpaint, Lykke Li, Florence and the Machine has this amazing remake of a Robert Palmer song, Mumford & Sons...


What's in your closet? What are you must-haves for summer?

Some new clothes that I have brought with me to Australia (because it is really hot here) are some of the slouchy, super thin pocket tees, some sundresses for when it Is just too hot for shorts, I have been rocking the Tyler Cuddy tank with the photo of HB on it, and I have been into one-piece bathing suits lately so I have been wearing this cute blue and white one-piece that Billabong makes.


Tell us about your passion for photography…

I have always loved taking photos, which I think I got from my father because he loves taking pictures.  He still only shoots film and will not shoot digital.  I wanted to be a surf photographer but realized that I really just wanted to shoot for myself because that is what I enjoyed.  I didn’t want to shoot for other people.  It has worked out great because I have had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places and have all these photos to remind me of my trips.


Tell us what Summer is to you??
Summer is… longer days, warm sand between my toes, mini road trips, spring suit instead of full suit, good times!


Photos © Megan Villa