• Anne-Flore is Freeride World Champion !

Billabongs Anne-Flore Marxer (SUI/FRA), better known for her freestyle skills, won the Freeride World Champion title in the women’s snowboard category in Verbier, Switzerland last weekend. And she did all this as a wildcard in her first season on the tour !

"The Bec des Rosses is by far the most beautiful face and the conditions today were without a doubt the best of the season. It’s important for me to point out that while this face is beautiful it’s far from being easy. I was thinking that I would take a steep line to take speed and jump a lot of cliffs but in the end I decided to be safe partly due to the sluff and hidden rocks. This title makes all my efforts this season worth it. The Freeride World Tour has been a great experience. I can’t wait to come back next year!"

Congrats Anne-Flore!

Watch the video here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOA0NLW5HgQ

Image attached: © J.Bernard