• Flaunt It Finals

The Billabong Flaunt It all‐girls slopestyle and rail jam contest made its last and final stop of the series at Sierra‐at‐Tahoe Resort, CA. The 2011 Flaunt It contest series hit resorts across North America, and girls showed up to the Finals from around the globe. Fresh powder dumped in the days leading up to the event but the sun finally came out for an epic day of female shred domination in the 4Star TTR competition. The level of riding at this year’s Finals blew the judges and locals away, which included the winners from the previous six (6) Flaunt It events who had all been flown out as part of their first place prizing. All the girls put it on the line run after run for this last contest of the series. The Sierra‐at‐Tahoe park crew worked hard to create the perfect setup, while Billabong’s Jamie Anderson was on‐hand to award the girls for their efforts.

The ladies threw down very technical tricks on the signature slopestyle course and urban‐inspired rail jam in the Aspen’s Park. In the end, it was Isabelle Lalive from Breckenridge, Colorado who took home $5,000 for first place with her phenomenal run consisting of a boardslide to fakie on the handrail, to switch backside 180, and finishing it off with a frontside 720. The Dakine Best trick belonged to Tahoe local Nicki Slechta with her backside 720 on the second jump. After a delicious lunch on the Tiki Deck hosted by Sierra, the competitors warmed up for the afternoon rail jam where they flaunted their skills on two street rail features. The rail jam was unbelievable with the most technical tricks being thrown down back to back. Kasandra Dolan took the lead with her front hardway 270 to 270 out on the 40‐foot down bar rail, also rewarding her with the Sony Style Award. Billabong’s Brooke Voigt placed 3rd in both the slopestyle and the rail jam, withher 50‐50 to boardslide pretzel out on the round down flat down rail.

Later that night, more style went down on the disco lighted bowling lanes at Tahoe Bowl with a congratulations party for Jamie Anderson’s stellar season. Many thanks to Brooke Summers and the park staff at Sierra‐at‐Tahoe, and to this year’s Billabong Flaunt It partners: Contour HD cameras, Sony Piiq, Dakine, VZ, Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboard Canada magazines.

Slopestyle Results

1st: Isabelle Lalive $5000 (Electric)
2nd: Tina Ramholt $2000 (Head, Thirtytwo, Etnites, Horse Feathers, Mundaka Optics)
3rd: Brooke Voigt $1000 (Billabong, K2, Thirtytwo, Dragon, Sandbox, Pom Pom)
4th: Elin Tortorice $300 (Shredbetties, Lamar, Wasatch Project)
5th: Breanna Strangeland $150 (The Source, Forum)

Rail Jam Results

1st: Kasandra Dolan $700
2nd: Nicki Slechta $300 (Porters Tahoe, SGT)
3rd: Brooke Voigt $200 (Billabong, K2, Thirtytwo, Dragon, Sandbox, Pom Pom)
4th: Erika Vikander $100 (Niche Snowboards, Akinz, Shred Betties, Canyons Resort, Neff, Von Zipper, Fydelity)
5th: Molly Milligan $50 (Sessions, Oakley, Pow Gloves)

Dakine Best Trick
Nicki Slechta $200 (Porters Tahoe, SGT)

Sony Style Award
Kasandra Dolan