• Thank-you for the fun, Ibiza.

Hello fellow friends,

My last overseas adventure, took me to IBIZA, shooting for Billabong Europe’s Summer campaign!

If you have just stumbled upon me, My name is Bec Ronald, I’m an ambassador and lifestyle model for Billabong and ill give you a speedy down low on how I came to be a face for Billabong.

I started modeling with Billabong Australia at the tender age of 15, doing small showings, etc.

My dream and ambition was to one day shoot for Billabong Australia and eventually global, and in the last 2 years the progression has just begun to fulfill that vision.

So when I got the email saying that Billabong Europe wanted me for their next campaign, I literally jumped out of my skin with excitement.
Its still so overwhelming to believe that it all has happened and to look back and remember me as the 15 year old, who collected swing tags and tear outs from magazines of lifestyle surf models and stuck them all over the walls in my room and school books with surfboard wax (note: don’t do this at home, your parents will kill you when they find out) and would always get lost in daydreams, picturing myself doing what the girls who I idolized in these pictures were doing.
It was a goal that seemed so out of reach, but after hard work and keeping that dream and vision alive, I feel I finally can tick off that one goal and dream.

So, now your up to speed, I can get into the may latest adventure…. IBIZA!

groupThe dream team minus cat and sammi