• Ana's Blog - Greetings from J-Bay !

Ana's Blog - Greetings from J-Bay !

Ana is our lucky winner of the Billabong Win a Trip competition that we did in Europe last year. Her name was drawn and we sent her last week on an 18 hours trip from her hometown San Sebastian in the Basque Country (Spain) to fly out to Jeffrey's Bay to have the full VIP experience at the Billabong Pro J-Bay, one of the most prestigious contests of the World Tour. But let's hear what the 19 year-old has to tell us about her trip to Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.

Hola everyone, I had completely forgotten about participating in Billabong's Win a Trip competition last year. You can imagine how surprised I was, when my dad told me a few weeks ago that Billabong had called us at home and told him that I would be going to Jeffrey's Bay to watch the Billabong Pro! Ahhhhh!!! Last Wednesday I drove to Bilbao to board the plane to fly via Frankfurt, Johannesburg straight to Port Elizabeth, which is the closest airport to Jeffrey's Bay. The VIP treatment started on the flight straight away because for the first time in my life I could fly business class!!! Yiehaaa!

It is winter in South Africa at the moment, but I arrived in Port Elizabeth with bright sunshine and 20+ degrees! I was picked up by Billabong from the airport and we drove the 80 kilometers down the coast to Jeffrey's Bay. I live in an amazing guesthouse which is located directly behind the contest site and I can see the ocean and the famous wave at Supertubes from my balcony.

Everyone here in South Africa is super friendly and everyone is really interested to get to know you and care for you and look after you. After just four days, here in J-Bay, I totally feel at home. Beautiful weather, amazing people, fantastic surfers, good food and all around an amazing place to go. Because we had a layday for the competition the last two days, we made a roadtrip to St. Francis Bay further down the coast yesterday to go surfing there. The waves were below average, but literally the biggest surprise was a huge whale swimming through the line up and diving down just 10 meters away from us. Crazy, absolutely crazy!

Before coming here I was really worried about the sharks here in South Africa, but after talking to people and seeing how naturally everyone goes surfing, I wasn't worried about going into the water anymore. Back home in San Sebastian I asked all my surfing-friends whether or not I should go surf in South Africa, but everyone told me I'd be stupid not to do it and after the experience with the whale, I must admit they were absolutely right. Today, I am sitting in the stands overlooking the point at Jeffrey's Bay writing this text and Occy is sitting just in front of me, Matt Wilkinson is grabbing a drink from the fridge behind me and Cory Lopez and Adrian Buchan are surfing Supertubes down below. Amazing.

I really didn't know what to expect before coming here except for watching the contest. But each day, I talk to more and more people who are telling me what else there is to do around here. So if you like to come back to this website soon, you will for sure find some more posts from me from amazing J-Bay.

Hasta Luego, Ana