• Tyler Cuddy Exhibition in Bochum, Germany

Billabong Girls presents an exclusive Tyler Cuddy exhibition as part of the streetwear today live event in Bochum, Germany

Munich, 26. July 2011
Billabong Girls presents an exclusive exhibition of Californian photographer Tyler Cuddy in Bochum, Germany this July. Cuddy's work is part of the streetwear today live artshow and party that is taking place in the magazine’s hometown of Bochum, Germany from 29. to 31. July.

Cuddy is widely known for his surfing photography as well as his unique approach to capture urban life as it comes through travelling the world as a surfer, editor and photographer, of course.

"My style is basically constantly changing so I'm not too good at putting a label on it", says Cuddy in an interview with streetwear today in their current issue. "But I would say its like a black & white, grunge, grit, digital­analogue fusion, with hint of dirt­bag travel lifestyle…like I said I'm not too good at labels, but I can say that right now I like the idea of exploring that line where documentation ends and abstraction begins. Generally those two things are pretty separate but they do blend and merge somewhere and thats the place where I would like my work to be."

For it's European summer 2011 range Billabong Girls has partnered with Cuddy to create a range of t-shirts and singlets that consists of five prints of Tyler’s photographs. All of these prints as well as a selection of additional photographs will now be on display at the Rotunde in Bochum, Germany.

Cuddy will be attending the exhibition in Bochum and be available for interviews and for explaining his work. Furthermore he is using his trip across Europe this summer to find inspiration and take pictures for future projects with Billabong Girls.