• Ana's Blog - Hasta Siempre !

Ana is our lucky winner of the Billabong Win a Trip competition that we did in Europe last year. Her name was drawn and we sent her last week on an 18 hours trip from her hometown San Sebastian in the Basque Country (Spain) to fly out to Jeffrey's Bay to have the full VIP experience at the Billabong Pro J-Bay,one of the most prestigious contests of the World Tour. But let's hear what the 19 year-old has to tell us about her trip to Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa.

Hola everyone,

I just arrived back home in San Sebastian. The last couple of days have passed by very quickly and I had no time to write for the blog.

After all the competition laydays we all eagerly wanted the ocean to provide us with some good waves so that the surfers could put on a good show. After all, that is why all of us came to Supertubes.
Finally on Saturday the swell we were waiting for arrived. I spent all day sitting on the beach watching the contest from the morning till it was getting dark. Noone could pull me off my seat. First heat, second heat, ... wait Parko's heat is coming up,.. one moment it's Owen's turn .. just one more Julian Wilson is paddling out!! I didn´t want to miss a thing.

It´s incredible to see the guys surf so well. It seems much more easy than what it really is. After watching them surf, you think...OK, Ana lets go surfing, this time you will do that turn easily. But NO! It´s not easy at all.

We went for dinner to Kitchen Windows which is a restaurant near the beach in Jeffrey's Bay. The food was delicious. Big plates of fish and seafood and mmm the desserts were so good...mmm... just thinking about it makes me hungry again!

My last day was a bit sad. The weather seemed to be angry with us, maybe because the contest was finishing and everybody started to go home. It was cold, rainy and very windy. But anyways. I got my coat and went to the beach to see the semifinals.

My flight was departing that morning so it was not possible for me to see the final but I made sure that somebody sent me the results and the winner to my phonw while I was travelling home.
It was a pity not to be there and it was difficult to say good bye to all my new friends because they were all hiding somewhere from the bad weather.

That´s why I want to say good bye now from here any through this blog.

Finally, I want to thank the people who accompanied me on this trip.

Thank you Kathrin and Gerhard for making the stay so funny and for sharing so many moments together. I'm not sure if i can live without the succulent ostrich meat BBQ.

Thank you my lovely Australian neighbours Matt, Kendall, Mick, Wilko.. for the evenings cooking and the football lessons in the garden.

Thanks to the local guys for showing me your beautiful beaches and for making me feel like home.

Thanks to the ASP crew for all the new things you taught me about surfing during breakfasts.

Thank you Winston for taking care about your lady Lea, I will miss you. And remember... don't forget to keep breathing. ;-)

And finally thank you so much Billabong and Carmen at Billabong Spain for giving me the opportunity to live this amazing experience and specially thank you Michael for doing everything to make sure I was enjoying my time in J-Bay as much as possible and that nothing could fail me.

South Africa is a captivating country that I recomend everyone to visit. I took home with me the lovely smiles and the affection of it's people. Without a doubt, I will come back.

I have to say goodbye to you now, friends and fellow travelers.

Hopefully, I´ll see you soon in Hossegor.

Hasta siempre,