• Summer Greetings with Antti Autti !

Summer Greetings!

Although 99.9 procent of the population in the northern hemisphere are still enjoying summer and snow and cold weather seems to be months away, fortunate few are already snowboarding in the southern hemi. One of them shredders is Antti Autti and he has been taking the most out of the Southern Alps.

After a season of shredding all over the globe from August 18th to the 19th of June you might start to think of a little break. Well that's exactly what Antti took. A small break. Antti ended his summer holiday in late july and took the cruel forty hour journey to New Zealand to get some time on the board before the season really gets on its way. With plenty of time to just get used to riding again Antti set camp in Snowpark. With awesome conditions it was just what doctor ordered. Antti got his touch back quite quickly since after a week of riding Antti entered the Billabong Slopestyle (4star TTR event) and ended up 3rd right after Sam Hulbert (USA) and another finnish shredder Roope Tonteri who took the top podium..

After a bit of competition it was time to shoot some pics for Billabong's new catalogue with other Billabong pros. Boys were hitting a lofty spine gap and got some nice shots in the sunset. Definitely something we are going to see in the new catalogue later on. To keep things interesting boys have been riding some pipe too and just to rub the salt into our bleeding snow craving minds they have been riding pow, with a Heli. Fair to say it feels very unfair, but what can we do: it's their job.. Unfortunately we wont see any material just yet, but eventually it will light our day.

Lucky for us Antti's photographer will be joining him shortly so we can get our share of early season materials. Antti has booked three days of heli and they will be taking the second last shots for the Antiout movie that will be released in late october. In case you haven't seen the teaser yet please check it out! It just looks so much fun! Please share!


Antti will be riding in NZ until the 31st of august and then he will fly over to Chile with his filmer to finish of the Antiout shoots. We will definitely come back to you with some sneak peek pics and clips from Chile!

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