• What a better way to start the winter then going for a quick surf?

what a better way to start the winter then going for a quick surf? A last glimpse of sun and beach as well as some hard paddling to get in shape right before entering the winter and going back to the mountains :)

Being invited to the Swatch Girls Pro China was the perfect opportunity, not only i had never been in China, but i had no clue you could surf there and i had never tried long boarding before!

The fun started as soon as i arrived with a massive dance off and dance party starting a 7pm on the beach with everyone involved, that was seriously the seem of this whole week, dancing, surfing, karaoke and good times :) it was a very good occasion to hang with my Billabong Team mate Justine Dupond, who transforms into a TAZ woman as soon as the party starts and with my Swatch team mate Pauline Ado who just on the same schedule then i was... having fun, checking the surroundings, surfing, singing love french songs on karaoke and watching chick flicks!!
Ophelie Ah-kouen, Kassia Meador and the whole bunch of other fun longboard girls were just to add on the party list!

seriously this was just a party week for me.. we were staying in a beautiful hotel right on the beach with private swimmingpool in our room! went surfing every afternoon, trying longboarding for the first time there. going to the market where we found as many intriguing as disgusting parts of animals and fish as would not have been able to imagine.. chinese people spitting, burping, running into you and farting everywhere in public.. and weird toys and accessories just like gaz masks etc..

we also all took of to a temple, where we took a chairlift up the hill.. they had used a normal old chairlift and added a sun protections on them.. temple was nice and cool as everywhere else was hot and sticky with huge round rocks and big budhas everywhere :) then we took a gondola to watch monkeys bike on mini BMX, or on goats.. as well as steeling your bags and scaring the shit out of you!!

the waves where not super huge nor steep or fast but just good enough to have some fun on the side of the competition site with all the girls and watching the comp from the water :)
at the end Chelsea Williams won the Swatch Girls Pro China and Lindsay Steinriede was crowned world champ. the best thing of that comp day was the bus ride that go all the girls back to the hotel, we were all singing and laughing the whole way, making the Hola for the winners, and for the Kassia Gozilaa (an giangantesc advert for the comp, a picture of Kassia twice the size of a building on the side of the high way) and what not!

the thing i liked the best was the fun we all had together just being silly and enjoying the moment! i d like to thank the whole longboard girls crew who made it a blast!!
hope to see you soon again!


thanks to Swatch for bringing me there
thanks to Dom for all these pics :)
thanks to Marc, Julie and Brodie fo such a fun event!