• Greetings from Hawaii ! Agi's Blog Part 1


Hey girls,
my name is Agi. I´m a writer and editor living in Hamburg. I am passionate about travelling, surfing and fashion. For the following days i´ll keep you posted from paradise. Billabong have send me on a wonderful one week trip to Oahu, Hawaii. Stay tuned, meet me in paradise and have a sneak preview on Billabongs beautiful White Wash Collection, coming up next season.

OMG, it´s Hawaii!
When i arrived in Hololulu, i was still surfing through my thoughts. You know, when i left germany it was unbelievably cold. Winter season started and everybody got prepared for snow and christmas. Honolulu kinda like defrosted me again. Of course i had my last season bikini with me, but i totally forgot about sunglasses, sunscream and a beach towel - as i said: my winter-mode was switched on... Getting here was bringing back summer energy and reawakening my passion for surfing. Hey, everybody who does not live close to the ocean (but loves surfing) knows exactly what i am talking about. So, once i got here, i started looking around, (happy girl i was with my brandnew Billabong Goodie Bag filled with all the important stuff that i actually forgot), i started relaxing and enjoying...
Amazing it is - that´s for sure girls. And it get´s better: The Surfer Poll & Video Awards were given to the best surfers, filmmakers and visionaries - and i was there! Seeing Rob Machado, Kelly Slater and cute Owen Wright in person was thrilling. And you know what? Owen does look stunning in reality!
I feel very honoured that i was part of this important night for every passionate surfer out there in the world.

Tomorrow i´m heading Waikiki - will have a surf with the Billabong Crew. If you wanna see some amazing impressions from Oahu, come back and love it!
All in all, Hawaii is a perfectly mix of everything that makes this surf-lifestyle so special - waves, good looking people, sun, palmtrees, the fresh breeze in your lungs and this inimitable feeling of freedom. MAHALO Hawaii! I love you.


Hawaii !