• More Aloha from Hawaii - Agi's Blog - Part 2

Hey Girls, another Aloha from Oahu.

Today was an amazing day. We made a day trip to Honolulu´s legendary Waikiki Beach. 20 Girls in 20 Billabong Bikinis... what a stunning picture! The wheather was perfect but unfortunalty we didn´t have the best conditions for surfing. The waves were way too small, but to be honest: the mood was great, I´d like to thank Justine, Keala, Lucie and all the other wonderful journalists from Grazia, Glamour, Neon and other amazing publications for being the best company in paradise that i could think of. We had a great time surfing the small bumps and hanging out at the legendary Duke´s Bar. Honolulu is inspiring and full of energy. We ran into the annual Pearl Harbour Parade and finished this wonderful day with a cool beer. The only shadow of the day was the fact that i broke my toe. It would be not that embarassing if it would have happened in a spectaculous wipe out  - it actually happend when i jumped off the board and hit a rock. That was it. Stupid me. It hurts, but you know what? I don´t care. I would almost say it was worth it. It was simply a day that made this Honolulu trip a pleasure in itself.

Tomorrow is the start for the Billabong Pipe Masters and i really can´t wait. This will be almost a front row experience and, as i was told, we´ll have a BBQ in one of the riders houses and an exclusive preview on the White Wash Collection afterwords. Just for the record: What else can you expect? Stay tuned and smile!