• At the Billabong Pipemasters - Agi's Blog Parts 3 and 4

Part 3:
Pipeline Masters
That was THE ultimate thrill. Seriously. As i was told, those conditions were very unusual, very rare... The waves were gigantic, 8 to 10 feet and the weather simply perfect. I could hardly believe the barrels and some of the wipe outs. That day really get's a WOW. Later on, we all moved to the Billabong Riders House and had an amazing BBQ, an open bar with smashing Mango Margaritas and listened to Donovan Frankenreiter's Band (who performed great by the way) and to the performance of the lovely and graceful Catherine Clark. What a great beauty she is! Afterwords i finally got to see the White Wash Collection. It's really good, surpringly feminin, some pieces are supersexy... I really was amazed by the love for details, fabrics and cuts. 11 Keypieces will be send out and i believe this trip will be surely successful.
This amazing day ended in a Bar in Haleiwa - with some shots and some Mai Tai Cocktails. Dangerous stuff that is, i tell you. It drives you crazy, that´s for sure. Well girls, it´s almost five o'clock in the morning and i seriously have to go to bed. Tomorrow will be amazing again and exciting and wonderful and....

Part 4:
More Maters and some Paddle Surfboard Experiences
Ups. I did have a hangover this morning. I told you girls - those Mai Tai Cocktails are killer. The best to get over this, is obviously hangin' out at Pipeline and watching THE coolest Surf Contest. Ha! More Pipeline Battle was going on today and it was - once again- incredible. Two days in a row with such conditions seem to be exceptional. And you really can´t fail to be impressed by the guys unique passion for Surfing. That's Love.
We finished this amazing day on the river in Haleiwa stand up paddling. A wow - again. It was my first time and i was a little scared, but it turned out being the coolest thing ever. We had so much fun, i could have done that forever. Girls, my week here on Oahu is almost over. It was wonderful. But that thing you already know...

Mahalo Oahu and Mahalo nui loa Billabong.