• About a girl: Aurelie and Jade, designers for Wool and the Gang

About a girl: Aurelie and Jade, designers for Wool and the Gang

What’s your job all about ?
At WATG it's a pull-up-your-sleeves-and-all-hands-on-deck scenario. We were primarily hired to design, but because we are a small team, we jump from design to running the shop in SoHo, organizing knitting parties around the world, traveling to Peru to work with our artisans, building a global creative community through social media. It’s endless, every week brings new challenges and adventures. All the hard work really pays off, and you get to learn how to run a start-up business and to take responsibility for every aspect of a fashion brand. We're really lucky to work for a company from concept and to be so involved since the launch.

What’s the best thing about your job ?
Desiging! Unlike other fashion brand - we have the challenge to design pieces that are not only easy to wear but easy to knit. The whole creative process is the best part of our job, but more specifically the textiles and craftsmanship. We love the early stages of designing for WATG, this is where are heart beats. We discuss and brainstorm, sketch and paint, and make a big creative mess. Then from the sketches we develop the textiles and knitting samples with different yarns and stitches, all while remembering to keep our designs easy to knit and easy to wear. Then it's off to Peru, where we work with an incredible team of Peruvian artisans. They are the most inspiring women we've ever met, not only for their mind-blowing skills but their whole attitude to life and their warmth and generosity. Every step of the design process is so rewarding.

Where do you find most of your inspiration as a designer ?
On a basic level we find most of our inspiration in developing textiles - we absorb everything around us, then we frantically draw and develop samples and see where they lead. It's really the fabric we knit that can take the direction of the collection. The endless possibilities of yarns and stitches is so inspiring! We love to think  of all the different personalities we design for - for the creative, artistic, stylish girls who are quite confident to experiment with their style. We make sure in our range to offer different degrees of edge, some styles are louder or more fashion focused while others are more classic and chic - so there is something for everyone.

If you weren't working in fashion, what would you be doing ?
Haha - that's a tough question. We would be doing something completely different, off the top of our heads Aurelie would try her luck as a dancer and Jade would be fishing in the Carribbean.

What trend are you excited to rock this season ?
This season we love mixing in our sports gear within our wardrobes - not only are we massive fans of the comfortable factor, we've seen in a lot of recent fashion shows from the likes of Rag and Bone or Celine, we feel the sport luxe is a practical trend that we're loving.

What are your style icons ?
We change like the wind. Right now we admire the style of American stylist Marina Munoz for her tomboy style.

One thing that you want people to know about you ?
We're knitting chicks with knitting tricks on knitting sticks!

What's your dream vacation ?
Living in New York is an everyday adventure, it may sound silly but our dream vacations is going back home, for Aurelie a weekend whizzing around on her skies in the Swiss alps and for Jade it's going back to England to enjoy a good old Sunday roast either that or like most we both dream of an adventure to the Maldives.

How did you get into knitting?
We both learnt to knit by our Grandmothers at a young age where learning to knit scarves end up looking like holey irregular rags. It may sound cheesy but those nostaglic moments learning to knit stay with you forever. It was studying Textiles at London's Central St. Martins where we both specialized in knit that confirmed our passion for knitting, we still enjoy the startled looks on people face’s when they realize we’re professional knitters.

What does knitting brings in your life?
It brings us creativity, sustainability, moments of tranquility, moments to escape and reflect. Moments to share and learn makes for a unique experience - a community connected by a common thread. Everyone is welcome to be a part of the gang!