• About A Girl with Diane Sagnier

Each month, meet a very special girl involved with Billabong. Designers, artists, riders, photographers …these girls are all so talented, passionate and inspirational, we just thought we’d share with you a little bit of their awesome lives.

This month, meet Diane SAGNIER, a French photographer and musician we love to work with


How did you get into photography ?

I got into photography because my father was pationate about scubadiving and under water pictures. As I was growing up, I used to spend hours wathching him scann his devellopped films and work them out on photoshop. I stole his camera once and took pictures of my friends when I was 13, and since then I've been growing this hunger for images and the need to recreate lost feelings and materialize the memories. I'm not really good at talking or writing, I can just make images.


If you weren’t a photographer or a musician, what would you be doing ?

I wanted to be an astronaut, fascinated by the big black mysterious universe and the brightness of the milky way. Except I wasn't very good in physics and maths, I was good at biology though, I would've been in engineering school if I hadn't thought I should give my photographer dream-career a chance.

Who are your style icons ?

It's a hard question, I feel linked to so many different styles and types of art, but maybe my first icons are my friends and free spirited icons like Patty Smith, Thelma and Louise...

Where do you find most of your inspiration as a photographer ?

I find it in the people I meet, in the eyes of the ones I love, in the discovering of new skys and how the light illuminates what I have around me. I also find it online within the thousands of eye candies my browser carries me to.

You’re also a great musician, tell us about your love for music and your band

I've always been an excited kid. Excited about dancing and singing along, I started guitar lessons pretty young and then I discovered I could sing and play at the same time. Music has always been a big part of me, I always have a song scrolling in my head, which makes me very sensitive to the work of musicians I meet and it's a real challenge to try and translate in images their musical universe. In high school, 4 years ago, I was a singer in a punk-rock band, last year I started doing gigs with a friend of mine, Bastian Melton, with only guitars, ukuleles and voices. Since this summer i've been doing a few acoustics on my own as Dbird. It's a lot of fun but I'd like to put together a new rock band! :D

Which projects did you do with Billabong? How was it?

I first started working with Billabong for the Winter 2011 Kids lookbook that we shot a year early in Biarritz, then for the Summer 2012 Vibe video when we went to Ibiza and again in Biarritz and San Sebastian for the Winter 2012 Vibe video. It was truly amazing to have the opportunity to follow the Europe team and their it girls in all the beautiful places and adventury shoots.


Greatest achievement so far

Recently I got a prize called Le Prix Picto de la Jeune Photographie de Mode (Picto Young Fashion Photographer Prize) last november and it was really a good push for my career.


Dreams for the future ?

I just wish I'll be able to pursue living as a photographer, travel the world more and more... I'd love to follow a band on a world tour and do a picture report.

Playlist of the month ?

Ok so what I've slipped into my april playlist:
When Saints go machine - ParixCrystal Fighters - PlageElectric Guest - This head I holdHercules and Love Affair - Raise me UpFlight Facilities - Foreign LangageFoster The people - HoudiniBeirut - East HarlemThe Black keys - Lonely BoyKasabian - I hear voicesThe Middle East - BloodThe War on Drugs - Best NightHanni El Khatib - Loved OneCraft Spells - From the morning heat


Thought of the day

My Sweet Chai Late says today: "Kind people are never unhappy."
What’s one thing people don't know about you ? 
I'm currently working on a big secret project...