DIY Journal Cover with Billabong surfer, musician and artist Lindsay Perry.


step one - I decided to line the inside of this journal with tissue paper, to cover up the pattern. First, I fold my piece in half so it is double layered, then i sponge down some of the Mod Podge on the inside, carefully lay it down and smooth out any lumps. Next, I close the book so the front is facing up. I add a bit more of the glue on the outside corners of the front, then folding the tissue over as if I were folding the edges of a gift. I then go over the tissue papered the edges with a thin layer of glue to ensure it stays put.

step two - I measure out a piece of any medium weight paper to the size of the journal, I glue this layer on. (this step isn't necessary, but it adds strength to the paper quality)

step three - magazine cut outs, photos of friends or travels are great for the cover of your journal. you can get as personal and creative as you'd like.

step four - after I add all of the pieces i want for the cover, I then paint a layer of the Mod Podge over the art so that it'll be sealed.

step five - this portion is also optional, but I like to paint and title the binding for added personalization.