• Hill By The Sea - Around The World with Mahe - Sri Lanka

Our friend Mahé is travelling around the world and will be posting on the Billabong Girls Europe Blog and sharing her diaries with everyone here. Enjoy!

Day1 // Cinnamon

I'm in love. I haven't even spent 24 hours in that magnificent country and I'm already in love with Sri Lankan's smells, colours and population. I reached Hikaduwa at 7am this morning but couldn't go back to bed. The Hotel, facing the ocean, was clearly an invitation for a walk on the sand.

This is how I met Mahesh. (*same name but different person) He offered me Ceylan tea for breakfast and we spent an hour, watching Main point (messy and windy...) and talking about his country. We could have stayed there for ages but he already had so much to show me. Turtles, reconstructed sites that the Tsunami had destroyed, elephants on their way up north, lagoon, monkeys... The sun is not down yet and he filled me up with beautiful stories and pictures.  :)

I'm meeting him up for the fish market tonight so I'd better hurry.Surfing tomorrow morning before the wind picks up and Niko arrives...Keep you posted :)