• Freddy Von Osten wins the IWWF World Cup in Japan

Freddy Von Osten just won the IWWF World Cup in Japan ! Way to go Freddy !

We had a chat with Freddy right after his win:

How’s it feel to win the first stop of the IWWF World Cup Tour in Tokyo?

Unbelievable really. I really loved Japan and Tokyo especially. The city is so cool and the people were so friendly, so I am just so happy to win and to get a good run and show all my tricks.

Were you confident going into the event that you could win it?

To tell the truth I wasn’t. In my training I had a few bad runs and it wasn’t till one run in the qualifications that I started to feel like everything was coming together. By the final though, I was way more confident and was stoked to have one run that was enough to win.

Can you talk us through that run?

My first hit of the run was the funbox and I started with a TS Bs 450 Transfer 90° out, the second obstacle was the table and I did a nosepress to Bs Tailpress. For my First Invert i sticked a KGB with a Stalefish grab, then another Invert in the corner called a Raily 5 with Tailgrab. In front of the start dock I did a Crowmobe straight into a Switch Frontmobe and my last trick on the kicker was a HS Fs 720°.

How were the conditions?

Well they were pretty different to my home in Hamburg, mainly because the water was a lot, lot warmer. But the cable and all the jumps were fine and it was an incredible location in Tokyo Bay, so it was all good.

How did you celebrate?

I had to leave pretty much straight away, so I flew home and celebrated with my parents for a few hours, and then had to hit the road again to Toulouse. So I didn’t have a whole lot of time to have too much of a good time.

What next for Freddy?

I’m focusing on the next world champs in Philippines and Abu Dhabi, but between then I have a little time off. I’m just going to have fun, enjoy myself, ride with friends and hopefully do as well as I did in Japan. That was probably my biggest win in my career so far, so I just so just want to continue that form.

Thanks Freddy ! All the best for your next comps !


shots © Steffen Vollert


Freddy Von Osten wins the IWWF World Cup in JapanFreddy Von Osten wins the IWWF World Cup in Japan (02)Freddy Von Osten wins the IWWF World Cup in Japan (03)