• Desert Justice

Desert Justice - 3 days in Dubai with Reubyn Ash

"It was totally surreal. It’s a man made wave that is located in the middle of vast desert. Then right next to the plain is this mountain range that jags up and looks like the surface of the moon. This is a surfing trip like no other and if anyone has the chance to surf there I’d advise them to definitely give it a go."

Reubyn Ash is talking about a recent mission to the Dubai Wave Pool. Ash surfed for three days, six hours a day, filming the clip you can see here. "The wave has enough quality and push to keep you interested and some," reckons Ash. "And as it’s out in the open, the conditions can change from offshore to sideshore depending on the variable winds. And with every wave offering pretty similar sections, it’s so good for refining your act. You can just keep trying moves to get stuff down."

After rigging a load of cameras to capture the three days of him nailing turns, grabs, rotations and everything else in the Ash locker, Reubyn and his filmer hit the editing suite to do the desert justice and come up with this clip.

Now though his thoughts turn to some real waves. "For my next project I’m going to focus on surfing some good waves in this part of the world," said Ash. "I’m watching hurricanes, tracking swells and always thinking of new ways to keep it creative."  Stay tuned then folks, with autumn creeping up on the northern hemisphere and Reubyn eyeing off his local favourites, there’ll be more plenty more juice to come.