• Frederico Morais blogs from Bali

It’s been an incredible year and I’m happy with the result here in Bali at the Oakley World Junior Titles. Don’t get me wrong, I came here to win and was pretty upset when I lost the quarterfinal. But looking back overall it’s been pretty satisfying and an epic trip

The waves in Bali were really good, especially a couple of days at Keramas for the comp. Like 6 foot with barrels and big sections for hacks and airs. Jack Freestone was ripping and deserved his win. His aerials especially were so good, by the far the best in the comp. That’s something I’ve realized I really have to work at, my small wave surfing and especially my airs. I’m going to sit down with the Billabong coach Richard Marsh and set out a plan to improve on that. But it was important to come here and get a result and I proved that I am at the level of the best junior surfers in the world.

At the start of the year myself and Richard set our goals and we have come pretty close to achieving most of them. I made all the finals in the European Junior series, which were mostly held in pretty small waves, so I improved that side of my surfing and obviously qualified for the world titles. Plus I made it through a few WQS heats in some of the bigger comps, so the summer was pretty fun all round. I’m pretty psyched to hit the WQS next year and get some results and have some fun.

Now though I am packing up from Bali and heading home. The waves are small here now and although we had some great waves especially at the start, it’s good to be heading home to see everyone. I’ve a few days in with the family in Guincho, then head to the Canaries for the WQS there. I’m just hoping for some good waves, get some barrels and to keep on a roll. Gotta go, I’ve a plane to catch.  I’ll check in later. Ciao!!

Pictures © Carlos Pinto