Felicity Palmateer is a busy girl, between travelling around the world and competing on the ASP Womens star series she find the time to create beautiful works of art. Here she talks about her most recent pieces and where she finds her inspiration...

What have you been up to recently?

This year I have been traveling around Australia, Europe, Peru and America competing full time on the ASP Women’s Star Series trying to qualify for the Women’s World Tour. I have finished one spot shy of qualification for the last two years and this year was not far off once again. At the back end of this year i was, road tripping with friends through France, Spain and Portugal competing in the last of the star events where i achieved my best results with two 5ths and a 3rd. It was really exciting to experience new cultures and since being home ive been infusing that influence into my art, through photos and memories of my travels. I’ve also been exploring a few different techniques with inks to try and broaden my art and improve my skills.

Tell us about your art?

I mostly paint in inks and watercolours and I draw a lot of my inspiration from the ocean. Whales are my favorite things to paint. They are so beautiful and graceful the way they glide through the sea. I love the fluidity in their movement through the water and I think that transcends into the way I use my inks and watercolours.