Written by Lauren Hill on her return from India.


It’s the depth of travel that matters more than the distance traversed; adventure is an attitude. I went to India to work on the Beyond the Surface film with a crew of amazing women. We had so many memorable experiences along the way, but I always find it difficult to recap travels afterward. Words may fail to recreate those experiences for others, but the magic of adventure lingers within us for our entire lives.

Recounting stories just never quite does them justice - you miss out on all of the other senses that make travel so rich: the wafts of incense and roadside curry stalls, the sweetness of a post-surf chai, the tapestry of colors that swirl all around as you make your way through the streets of a seaside village, the cheeky sweetness of local people equally enthralled by your foreign-ness as you are by theirs and serendipitous encounters with wildlife.

It’s always the seemingly mundane details that end up being most memorable for me.
Below are a few shots from along the way…

Love Lauren


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