• The "Colour Love" Contest - Pinterest - Official Rules and Regulations

The "Colour Love" Contest - Pinterest

Official Rules and Regulations

Article 1 – Sponsor and entry period

GSM EUROPE PTY Ltd, a company constituted under Australian law, with a share capital of AU$3,010,000, with their registered headquarters at 100 Avenue des Sabotiers, Soorts Hossegor (40150) France, registered with the Registry of Commerce and Companies of Dax France under number B 384 427 290, (hereafter “the Sponsor”) is sponsoring a free contest (no purchase necessary) on its Internet page http://pinterest.com/billabong on Pinterest.com (hereafter “the Contest”).

The entry period for the Contest begins at 0.00 am Central European Time (CET) on 1st of July 2013 and ends at 0.00 pm CET on 31 of July 2013.

Article 2 – Object of the Contest and prizes

Contestants must create a virtual board on the theme « Colour Love » according to the colour and the theme of their choice.

The 4 most creative and original boards will earn two items from Billabong Summer 2013 collection for a total amount of 200 euros maximum.

There will thus be 4 winners.

The winners may in no case exchange one prize for another without the express consent of the Sponsor and prizes may not be redeemed for cash or exchanged for any other consideration.

The winners will appear on the Internet page http://pinterest.com/billabong of the website Billabong.com.

Article 3 – Eligibility

Any girl residing in Europe is eligible to enter, except for:

GSM EUROPE PTY Ltd employees or members  SCP BUGAT GUILLERME employees or members  generally, anyone involved in running the Contest.

Contestants must provide their first name, last name, age, address, phone number and email address.

Any entry which is incomplete or does not fully identify the contestant will be void.

Only one entry is allowed per contestant.

Submission of more than one entry will result in disqualification.

The photographs must not in any case contain content which, in the Sponsors’ sole discretion, is considered xenophobic, racist, paedophilic, sexually explicit, defamatory or insulting; or which incites racial hatred or murder; or which is otherwise objectionable or inappropriate; or which infringes on third party rights including copyright and the right to privacy.

By entering, contestants fully and unconditionally agree to be bound by these Rules.

Any entry which violates the present article will be deemed null and void.

This Contest is free of charge and no purchase is necessary.

The Sponsor will therefore reimburse any entrant who so asks for communications costs corresponding to internet access time and connection time to enter the Contest, on condition that the contestant send a letter with receipts for these costs along with an IBAN (their bank details) to the following address: Billabong Europe – Attn Ms Nathalie Chazaud – 100 avenue des Sabotiers – 40150 Soorts Hossegor France

Reimbursement of these costs is limited to two minutes of communication at local rates.

Please note that contestants accessing the Sponsor’s web pages via a free or flat-rate internet connection (eg cable, ADSL or any other unlimited subscription) will not be reimbursed, since accessing these pages did not result in any additional cost for the contestant.

Article 4 – Contest details

To enter, simply follow the following steps:

1- Sign into your Pinterest account and follow @billabong

2- Create a board titled "BillabongEurope #ColourLove"

3- Fill your board with images that represent a colour that inspires you (any colour you want)

4- Pin at least 2 images from Billabong.com/girls/eu, along with #billabonggirlseurope

The entry form and photos must be sent before 0:00 pm CET on 31 of July 2013.

The jury will meet on 1st of August 2013 to choose the 4 winning boards.

The members of the jury are:

Ms Christelle Kipping– GSM Europe Girls Marketing Manager Ms Nathalie Chazaud – GSM Europe Girls Marketing Coordinator

The winners will be informed on 2nd of August 2013 via an e-mail sent to the address provided on the entry form.

The winners will be announced on 2nd of August 2013 at the above-mentioned site or on the website www.billabong.com/girls/eu.

The Sponsor will send the winners’ prize within no more than one month’s time as from the date of which they  inform the Sponsor of their choice of items.

Should the winner’s electronic address and/or postal address be erroneous, or should the prize be returned undeliverable, it may be kept by the Sponsor and lost by the winner, without the latter being entitled to make any claims for any reason.

Article 5 – Judging criteria

This Contest appeals to the contestants’ creativity.

The boards will be judged on the following criteria:

originality of the chosen theme staging and composition quality of the photos (sharpness)

Article 6 – Obtaining Contest Rules

The Rules of the Contest may be accessible online at www.Billabong.com/girls/eu

A copy of the Rules may be obtained free of charge to any person who so requests to the Sponsor at the following addresses: nathalie.chazaud@billabong;tm.fr or Billabong Europe – Attn Nathalie CHAZAUD – 100 avenue des Sabotiers 40150 Soorts Hossegor.

Postage for requesting these Rules (one stamp for 20g at the slow postage rate in force) may also be reimbursed on simple written demand to the Sponsor no later than 15 July 2013 (as proven by the date on the postmark). Reimbursement will be made within six weeks from reception of the request.

The Contest Rules may also be consulted at the offices of BUGAT GUILLERME, Huissiers de Justice Associés, Résidence « Figaro », Avenue d’Aspremont, Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse 40230 France.

Any changes to the present Rules will be available in the same manner.

Article 7 – Right to use name and photo; Privacy rights

Contestants guarantee that they hold the ownership rights to the submitted photos, including copyrights, ie that they have created themselves the photos, and provide full security to the Sponsor.

Contestants also certify and guarantee to have received all necessary approvals, including the law relating to the image of any person depicted in the photos, all rights of intellectual property or any rights of property.

Winners give up exclusively to GSM Europe or any person or entity from its rights, their entire ownership copyright of reproduction, representation and adaptation of their photos with a view to exploiting them in any media, in any format and by any method, including the media identified below:

- paper media : press (newspapers, periodicals…), magazine, catalogue, brochure, print, poster, flyer, postcard, POS, promotional poster…

- digital and multimedia access including off-line ( CDI, CD ROM…) or online such as Internet, Intranet or any other service accessible remotely

These transfers of ownership will be granted free of charge, for the entire world and for the duration of the intellectual property right of the author, or their assignees, of the winning boards.

Winners expressly grant license to use their first name, last name and their photos in connection with the Contest and promotion of the Contest, without limits of territory or duration and without this use entitling them to any rights other than to their prize, unless they prefer to refuse the prize.

The information collected for the present Contest are intended solely for the Sponsor’s use and will not be transferred or sold to a third party in any way.

According to French law on protection of personal data (especially Article 34 of the Informatique et Libertés law (Data Privacy law) of 6 January 1978, modified by the law of 6 August 2004), every contestant has the right to access, review, rectify, or cancel any personal data held by the Sponsor and may do so simply by contacting him at the address: Billabong Europe – Attn Nathalie Chazaud – 100 avenue des Sabotiers - 40150 Soorts Hossegor - France.

Article 8 –Limitation of the Sponsor’s liability

The Sponsor will not be held liable for any prejudice due to malfunction of the website, computer system errors or any virus or other problems that could cause damage.

Hence the Sponsor does not assume any responsibility for any technical malfunction or hardware or software damage to contestants’ computer systems or to any data stored there, or for any impact on their personal, professional or commercial activities.

Similarly, the Sponsor will not be held liable for any malfunction in the personal information collection system and/or for problems with postal mail or email delivery and/or for postal correspondence or email messages lost in transit.

The Sponsor also assumes no responsibility for force majeure cases or events beyond their control (especially technical problems) that might disrupt the Contest and which could lead the Sponsor to shorten, extend, suspend, postpone, modify or cancel the Contest.

Article 9 –Disputes

The Sponsor has sole discretion without appeal for any question about application and interpretation of the present Rules and for solving any dispute about the Contest, including cases not foreseen by the present Rules.

Any objections are admissible only within one week after closure of the Contest.

Because the Contest is accessible in different countries, each with its own legislation, it is expressly agreed that the applicable law of the present Contest is French law.

Any dispute arising from the present Contest which cannot be settled amicably shall be brought before the competent court designated by the French Code of Civil Procedure.