• Antti Autti's Approach & Attack Teaser 2013

After leaving the contest arena's behind few years back Antti Autti has been realizing his dreams of riding in the backcountry.

Documenting his riding evolved naturally into producing his own movies together with Northlight Pictures. Antti has been keeping the fans happy with a combo of webisodes and full movies under the titles Antiout (2011) Relate to It (2012). Content with the results, but aching ambition in the background has him pushing his riding further and steeper.

Two year project of Approach & Attack will serve online episodes during the 2013-2014 season and the full movie will be released during autumn 2014 online via Onboard Magazine and Antti’s own website Anttisworld.com.

Filming and editing by Northlight Pictures’ Teemu Lahtinen. Photography by Lappikuva. Music by Death Hawks "Humanoids"

Nobody likes to ride alone and Antti is no different. He has rounded up a few friends to join in on the filming missions. Approach & Attack crew consists of Antti Autti, Will Jackways, Tyler Chorlton, Alvaro Vogel, Saku Tiilikainen, Miikka Hast, Joel Lahti, Sylvain Bourbousson and more.

Trips have taken the boys to Tamok Norway, Hokkaido and Niigata in Japan, British Columbia in Canada and the Southern Alps in New Zealand. All these locations have their own strong characteristics and defined scenery that will greet the eye and the fluffy snow will feed the dreams of the viewers.

Approach & Attack is backed by Antti's long time partners: Billabong, Giro, Northwave and Drake Snowboards. Onboard is supporting the cause as being the launch pad for the movie.