• Approach & Attack - In the Trees

Antti Autti releases an edit shot in the magical snowy forests of the North, comprising Super8 HD footage from one of his favorite terrain of all time.

All of us that have been blessed with opportunity to ride pow in a forest know that its one of the funnest things you can do on a snowboard. For Antti its no different: His riding can be described as voracious, when he gets in to powder covered forest.

Here's what Antti himself have to say about it: " Snowboarding in the trees is the best type of snowboarding I know! There is something magical when you are riding in this very stunted scenery. It sometimes feels like I need to achieve this feeling of getting lost to actually realize that in the nature I´m purely driven by completely focused motivation"

"In the Trees" makes you ache for snow, pillow lines, jumps, jibs, perfect turns, spraying and flying through the magical offerings of the forests and is another tasty sample of what will be coming out next autumn in he's new movie Approach & Attack.